Is using AI for writing college essays considered plagiarism?

I mean, there’s mixed opinions on this. And, i wanted to see if anyone has experience in submitting an essay generated by AI?

I think by now almost everyone uses AI in some way in their essays. :zipper_mouth_face: The key would I guess be in using it just as an assistant. either create a draft with AI then enhance it yourself, or the other way around with you creating a first draft then improving using AI.

Point being, use AI to enhance, not plagiarize, and be responsible for your own work. :man_shrugging:

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Honestly, I say just focus on the outcome of the essay. As long as the end product is mostly your input and specific to you, it should be okay even if you use AI a bit to get there. Feed AI tools with info that already is from you and your experiences alone instead of letting it suggest random general shit from random people… That’s how I’ve been using it and it works for me :sunglasses:

The Yale Admissions Podcast has an interesting take on this. In the podcast they talk about how AI use itself might not be a concern because it just like any other outside help from a mentor or whatever. Point is, if the end product is not unique or powerful enough, AI assist is just going to backfire. So, no, using an AI tool is not automatically plagiarism but submitting an unedited, unchecked AI-generated work could be and therefore will not be successful. :ok_hand: